Grandlife Tour of London showcases where to be seen

Grandlife Hotels travelled to London in style for Fashion Week……yes old news now, however what a snapshot of the latest and greatest London has to offer right now.  Their itinery takes in restaurants, bars and shops….the pick of London.

When I saw this itiniery I immediately earmarked it for my next trip.  What a fabulous ready made list to work your way around…no research required.  What’s good for Grandlife Hotels is good enough for me. I have to admit a couple of my favourite places are on the list which is a drawcard…..Topshop and The Wolsely !!

It is certainly a starting point from which to add as I read about or hear about more over the next little while.  Best to go prepared!!!  Once there, time is precious….particularly as I insist on going back to all my old favourites as well…Harvey Nichols gound floor, Laduree behind Harrods for afternoon tea and the list goes on.








New Fratelli Fresh in the Sydney CBD


Fratelli’s address is 11 Bridge Street, Sydney CBD.  Don’t try to find it without this valuable information.  We had virtually given up hope of ever finding the new Fratelli Fresh but as we fell upon it they were in the throws of putting up signage, so it may now be a little easier.

For a start it is at the George Street end and it is in the basement but with a gorgeous sandstone entrance. I have to say I think it is the best Fratelli Fresh of all. Mainly because it combines the best of the current outlets….grocer/market, bar and restaurant, homewares and more……yes the Pizza and Mozzarella Bar.

I have to say the finishes and particularly the lighting are a standout.

The Aperitivo Bar offers Bellini and Rossini between 5 and 7pm….so enticing and so festive!!.  I couldn’t help but think how popular this will be in the lead up to Christmas.


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