Bowral Spring Markets


The start of spring. It is Market Day in Bowral and there was a certain buzz as everyone queued for their punnets of herbs or annuals….so keen to get started!!! Our Market held on the second Saturday of the month has never looked this good. It is somewhat disappointing that it is in fact freezing cold with a stiff breeze….not that you can tell that from my photos. Whether it be the fruit, particularly the strawberries, the vegies, the vast array of bread ords flowers… was all just bursting with freshness and colour.  Once stocked up on all of the above I remember the stall selling fabulous pork products.  After much deliberation I decide on the rack of pork accompanied by their marinated spiced apples and am delighted to receive detailed cooking instructions.

Time to head home, but not before thawing out with a coffee in Gastronome. I love the family friendly feel of this place. It occupies a sunny corner in Boolwey St not far from the markets and their coffee is always fabulous!! Sydney people arriving in the highlands and complaining about the cooler than anticipated weather should head here for a warm spot in the sun.

Gardening Essentials


With my recent flurry of activity in the garden ie weeding, watering, spraying and watching out for (on an almost hourly basis) buds on my newly planted white iceberg shrub roses, I have suffered the irritation of constantly having to return to the house, take off muddy gloves and boots for something – whether it be a tissue drink of water or to scribble something earthshatteringly important down on paper lest it be gone forever.


This prompted me after quite some time being irritated, to sit down and compile the definitive list of all things needed at ones fingertips for a session in the garden.  These may not be everyones essentials but they are mine!

  • gardening gloves
  • both mobile and handsfree house phone ( I am sure most people garden to escape such devices however I do run a business and yes, still feel guilty about gardening when I know I should be doing work – real work!)
  • insect repellant
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • pen and paper – to make a note of jobs you see to be done,  purchases – fertilizer/spray/ new sprinkler/just the right plant to fill a gap
  • my trusty little blue transistor radio – especially to listen to the ABC gardening show on Saturday morning
  • sunglasses
  • tissues

I keep these in a basket in the mud room so that  I can grab it and go whenever the mood takes me.  I have also learnt to keep together in the shed my most used tools such as rake, fork, small pointy ended shovel, small digger and small clippers.

The only thing missing is the timely arrival of someone caring with a tray of tea and adora cream biscuits!!  Someone who will admire all your hard work, the fruits of your labour and listen with interest to your future grand plans.  My mother filled this slot beautifully and I miss her a lot when I am in the garden.  When home my beautiful daughter will take over this role lovingly and it is such a treat.

First Stop Fabric

This little bolt hole (yes literally) Bev’s Remnant House is such a find.  It is a must when searching for fabric both because it is a treasure trove of fabrics and also because the pricing is fabulous.

There is fabric by the piece or roll depending on the amount you need. Bev offers tremendous assistance often beyond the call of duty. I was thrilled when in there last searching for a crisp wide black and white stripe to cover a bed bench – unfortunately nothing like that to be found, however Bev knew exactly what I was after and told me that in fact Ikea had that fabric.  Sure enough they did.  Now that is service with a smile The real advantage I feel is that she is open 7 days a week but in my case it’s the location. I have driven for miles in the past to find “the discount fabric outlet”.  I pop in here on my way to Dank Street and as it is next to Anibou furniture I get to do the rounds and view the latest.

It is worth seeing Anibou’s Gervasoni collection of furniture from Italy and in particular the Ghost sofas and armchairs covered in magnificent linen loose covers……oh for that  beach holiday  !!!!!

Potts Point Roses

I had the perfect excuse to visit my favourite Potts Pt PoHo florist…Tess’s birthday. a jewel like treasure trove of exotic beauty spills out onto Macleay St and never disappoints.  Whether you are after a small bunch of what ever is in season, a pink_rosessimple bunch of roses or something far more exotic it is very difficult to choose.

I settled on a bunch of very unusual, almost striped hot pink and white spray roses – just perfect for a nineteen year old.  They were adored by the birthday girl and did look gorgeous in the apartment, hence the photo.

Part of my morning shopping in Potts Pt included the chance to take a sneek look at the new La Croix Cafe, Tartine Bar and retail store.  I believe set up by Annie Wilkes of Parterre Garden and the gorgeous interior would suggest as much.  The finishes are very French and very elegant.  I look forward to revisiting and passing on more details.

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