The holiday in queensland … my secret


I must say I am having trouble clicking back to reality and the madness that is December, after my recent escape to the beach.  For those of you who have followed my blog … you will know exactly where my beach escape is … and those that know the queensland beach scene will pick it, however I would prefer not to divulge the location … too good to share. My mind keeps drifting back to the simplicity of the beach holiday … so thought I would share my idea of ‘essential beach holiday living’.


It is worth getting up early before the heat takes hold, for a stroll along the beach. So many shells, jelly fish and even coconuts believe it or not, that have washed in over night with the high tide.

 Having worked up an apetite it is back for breakfast … a bowl filled with all the tropical fruit you can get your hands on … so ripe and full of flavour … probably grown not far away.  Even the local yoghurt tastes better than the one at home.


Must get to the beach early to beat the sun.  I am always shocked at the heat in the queensland sun and wonder how I survived growing up in it.

Very few people on the beach mid week but bracing ourselves for the weekend crowd … actually I think we will be ready for a bit more action by then.


One last dip in the 24 degree water before heading for the best coffee you can find … and we had that sorted very early in the week. Preferably somewhere with a cooling breeze !!!


Home for a bite of lunch … size depending on what was consumed with coffee. By now I am ready for a browse through the copious numbers of magazines I brought with me … not to mention the book I can’t put down (My Week With Marilyn by Colin Clark).  Have to say the sea air is soporific !!! Not much reading gets done at all.

By late afternoon I am ready for another dip if the weather hasn’t changed … otherwise a browse at the shops is fun.  I do always manage to find the perfect sundress or the like.  These purchases never seem to look quite as good when I get home.  Particularly as the holiday ‘glow’ fades.


Nothing left to do now … apart from an aperitif on the balcony watching the twinkling lights and listening to the rolling surf.  It doesn’t get much better than this.


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