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Deirdre Brennan - Sunday, February 05, 2012


We are just lapping up every minute of this !!!!  particularly knowing that it must be one of the few parts of either NSW or Qld with sunshine. 

Lazy days starting and ending with a swim, breakfast or lunch out on the deck of this gorgeous Club.....or possibly a gin and tonic watching the sun go down.

One of the highlights has been the early evening Queensland.

We did notice that the outline of the highrise to the north at Surfers Paradise was no longer visible as we wandered up to the Surf Club one evening.  We had no sooner settled on the balcony....thankfully with cover, when the heavens opened.

Having been caught many an afternoon on my way home from school.... memories of my schooldays in Brisbane..... I was familiar with the occurrence of the tropical storm and downpour..... but this was spectacular.

Even more spectacular given the landing pattern of aircraft on their way to Coolangatta Airport.  Aircraft head up the coast to about Surfers before turning sharply south to start their descent heading for Coolangatta Airport..... at times, over Currumbin!!!

We were treated to the storm and the plane the lights of the planes were the only thing visible a lot of the time.....seemingly headed strait for us.


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