India Hicks Summer Inspiration


There is something very Queensland about the architecture and in particular the interiors that India Hicks and her husband have created on their Caribbean Island.

The wide verandahs, the tongue and groove boarding…..everywhere ….and beautiful fretwork over doorways…that tropical climate….all designed to capture the breeze!!!

The colour palette so crisp…black and white with shades of sand and driftwood.

The turquoise ocean, lush vegetation and vibrant flower blossoms shining like jewels.

Having grown up in Queensland I now see it all through fresh eyes.  Why is it that you appreciate it so much more when you go back!!!!! The frangipani and bougainvillea seem so much more exotic…..the architecture more interesting!!!!

Having said all that ….I adore India Hicks style.  I could happily book a holiday to any one of her houses on this beautiful island.


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