Design tips….no, tips for the modern girl


Just read  ‘tips for the modern girl’  in an October 11 Tatler while at the hairdresser….and thought they were gorgeous !!! Definitely passing these on to my 19 year old daughter.

Know your way around a wine list and hold your drink.

Know your credit card limit, interest rate or overdraft, mortgage terms and rate, health provider, insurance limit and excess. Pay bills on time.

Write prompt and witty thank you letters.

Accept compliments graciously.

Have effortless good manners including always remembering peoples names.

Play some non classical music on the piano or play a cool instrument.

Remove a spider without squealing.

Roll a cigarette while jumping a hedge on a horse !!!

Do an Arab spring or other form of nonsexual gymnastics !!!

Hold down a real job in a grown up way… don’t take your problems to work, contribute to the team, be enthusiastic and cheery about everything


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