Chanel’s little black jacket



The exhibition everyone is talking about …. Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket.


This project by Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfield, along with former Paris Vogue editor- in-chief Carine Roitfeld, made its debut in Tokyo …. gathering force as it swept on to New York, Taipei and Hong Kong.  Next stop London …. (the Saatchi Gallery of course) and Moscow !!


Coco once said  “fashion isn’t just present in dresses  … fashion is in the air, it’s borne by the wind, we sense it, we breathe it, it’s in the sky and on the tarmac, it’s everywhere, it comes from ideas custom, events …”


For an update on how to incorporate your Little Black Jacket …. Marie Claire’s September Issue (page 56) gives you some suggestions …. it’s timeless !! 


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