Potts point, sydney … coffee tea and me


We eagerly watched as very smart chocolate brown, heavily panelled doors were installed. What was going to open in this tiny little space in Macleay Street, Potts Point ?


Coffee tea and me sounded familiar … yes they have an even smaller outlet in Redfern.  While Redfern is rustic to the max, their new cafe in Potts Point is stylishly rustic. Shades of Argentina I felt !!


Cute seating options and only a couple of tables but fabulously welcoming.


Very good Campos coffee which isn’t normally a favourite. Excellent bagels and terrific choice of sweet treats …. they really have the food side of things covered nicely …. simple, fresh and delicious.


Now this is innovative !!! and I just fell in love with the newspaper holders below.


There is definitely a place for this little cafe in Potts Point …. coffee capital of Sydney.

Olympic viewing at sydney’s iconic kings cross hotel


Not sure which was more exciting …. sitting up on Level 1 right opposite the famous Coca Cola sign …. so Hollywood !!! or the size of the screen we were watching the Olympics on.


Such an iconic part of Sydney perched at the top of William Street …. not to mention the Kings Cross Hotel itself with its colourful history. It’s current configuration does not disappoint.

After a weekend glued to the television watching the Olympics it was fun to be out …. still watching the Olympics but with others … all cheering for Australia.

Campo marzio …. a little touch of rome in sydney


The history …..

in 1933 an anonymous Roman craftsman carries out his work in the heart of Rome

after the second world war the quality and skill of the campo marzio bottega becomes well known in Rome

in 1930 Italians are invited by the fascist government to donate their gold to their country to finance their country’s entrance into the war … gold disappears from pens

the problem is solved by Italian craftsmen creating pens with nibs built in murano glass … Campo Marzio has an example of these gems in its collection of vintage pens today

war forces the shop to the Prati neighbourhood and the market is transformed by the ballpoint pen

Campo Marzio survives the industrialization of the 60’s and 70’s

during the 80’s it moves to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele

in the 90’s it moves back to the Via di Campo Marzio joining the great Italian and international fashion brands … their name becomes their ‘brand’ expanding to every corner of the globe

it’s success and uniqueness of concept was recognized on the occasion of the Jubilee of the Roman Church in the Year 2000 producing a special collection of rare and precious fountain pens for the Vatican

the brand represents quality writing instruments, business accessories and leather items with a rare collection of unique fountain pen models collected over many years.

This is a success story, or a story of survival … so interesting yet rather poignant !!


Think exquisite quality, colour, style and a little bit of fun.  The shop in the Queen Victoria Building is a find and I have it in my little black book !!

Christian lacroix for designers guild


The House of Christian Lacroix, synonymous with the flamboyant and glamorous world of Paris and London is led by creative genius Sacha Walkhoff. He has been second in command to Lacroix for some seventeen years yet this is their first home furnishing fabric collection …. and it just happens to be for Designers Guild.


The first successful collection ‘Arles’ has now been followed by ‘Air de Paris’.  These collections comprise fabulous and adventurous fabric, wallpaper and accessories.


I love Walckhoff’s description of the new collection as ‘ the story of many journeys …. the journey of one woman from Arles to her new home in Paris …. in the journey we pick up mementos en route and reference to iconic elements…’


Designers Guild fabrics are available in Australia so seek out the Christian Lacroix collections for a touch of glamour.


18th biennale of sydney …. location location location !!!


The city’s largest contemporary art event, the Biennale of Sydney, is currently happening at some very exciting locations around the harbour and inner city.

Major venues include the newly redeveloped Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia, World Heritage listed former shipyard and prison, Cockatoo Island and Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay. For those who haven’t visited the MCA yet, this is the
time to do it …. and for me, I am fascinated at the thought of the ferry trip to Cockatoo Island.

According to co-artistic director Gerald McMaster ‘We’ve selected artists who often cross disciplinary boundaries, artists who enjoy collaborating and some who work with unusual media  …. those who look to their cultural heritage,
those who connect with the spiritual and aesthetic and those with a love of the natural world’.

This event from 27 June until 16 September, 2012 presents more than 220 works by over 100 artists from around the world …. the latest in contemporary art right here on our doorstep … our very beautiful doorstep.


images:18th biennale of sydney

Also follow Moira Roth’s digital blog project.

French and belgian homewares at la croix


I am always searching for new and interesting homewares and decorative items as the finishing touch to interior projects I am working on …. the pieces that really bring a room to life.

Often it is the antique or rustic elements that will create the warmth and soften the most contemporary interior…. the juxtaposition of old and new.


La Croix in Potts Point is one of those places that you do need to pop into reasonably regularly. Browse amongst their collection sourced from Belgium and France …. furniture, lighting, mirrors, glassware and porcelain …. not a chore given that the shop and cafe are intertwined.


I have found they always have a lovely range of interesting platters, bowls and jugs …. from the very fine to a heavy marble …. and all in white and neutral tones, so easy to work with.

Without doubt my favourite find this week are the rustic timber lamps above with smart canvas shades.  The pair of differing height will look fabulous on a sideboard or console.  Probably no two bases are the same shape, which gives it a more eclectic feel.

The palette at La Croix is wonderfully neutral …. the space so glamorous with their use of antique mirrors and chandeliers. Just think …. you can ponder your purchases over a coffee and french pastry or even tartine.

The fish shop at potts point, sydney


Yes the locals were sceptical when word went around about the closure of Lotus and a new venture by Merivale. Let’s face it …. Lotus was best known for its glamorous cocktail bar, behind the restaurant.  However a fish shop was a little off left field.


Well aren’t we all just thrilled to have this fabulous local hangout now …. tried and true.  Such a cute concept but more importantly it works.  Perfect for the early drink and snack or substantial meal.  Each corner has its own special feel and character.  Personally I love the rustic timbered area around the bar, however like the idea of being seated at the counter overlooking the kitchen.


This place has a terrific vibe …. as far as I can see, capturing all age groups.  When it first opened only a few weeks ago, and weather warmer …. you definitely got the feeling that people had wandered in on a Sunday afternoon after a day at the beach or on the harbour.


No I don’t think it is kitsch …. the detail is fabulous !!  Very clever in that it takes you away to another place altogether.

Vivid sydney …… magical !!


The atmosphere by 6pm was one of anticipation with the harbour foreshore between Circular Quay and the Opera House lined with photographers …. professional and amateur …. all waiting for the light show to begin.  The haunting music began and the lights slowly lit up the city buildings, the museum of contemporary art and the opera house.  There was hushed silence as people watched and waited for what was to come next …. quite different to the partying and revelry of New Years Eve fireworks.  This was gorgeous, stylish, creative and sophisticated.   There are simply not enough superlatives to describe it …. and that is just one location …. there are many.


 I couldn’t help but think how children would adore both the light show and the many “light artworks” …. there are over 60 light installations covering the harbour foreshore around to Walsh Bay.  The night markets and Rocks Precinct is my next stop but really can’t wait to get to the Opera Bar on a Friday night during Vivid Sydney for a glass of Prosecco and …. I am told fabulous music.


Pure and general ….. from travels far and wide


This was not my first trip to Pure and General, however as it turned out, it was their first birthday.  The store looked as fabulous as I had remembered …. I think it just keeps getting better and better !! These shelves are constantly changing.


It truly is a visual delight …. however, what sets this store apart is not just the totally unique product but the merchandising !! I was on a mission to find the perfect wedding present …. the choice was endless (and I kept getting distracted by what I personally just couldn’t live without).


It was terrific to cross paths with the owner, Linda Gregoriou who can tell you the source, the story behind each piece …. and of her travels !! We are talking Cypress, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, Belgium, France, Finland, Japan and the list goes on ……


There is such joy in discovering something new and something totally unique …. ‘homewares with enduring quality, physically sourced’. (There does seem to be a sameness amongst homeware stores where product is sourced from Gift Fairs.) When Pure and General have sold out of a product, it won’t be replaced …. something even better will probably arrive instead !!


Pure and General is a favourite with Interior Designers and Architects who are always on the lookout for different and one-off pieces of furniture, lighting or rugs for projects. The secret is to pop in regularly to keep an eye on the latest in store. By the way …. their very smart little cafe is very close to opening ….think Victoria Room delicacies !!


Sydney’s hidden jewellery box


I literally stumbled across this exquisite little jewel box …. aptly named ….

three rooms

antiques – art – design

Nestled at the bottom of William Street, Paddington this shop (comprising three rooms) is a visual feast …. glass fronted cabinets filled with pretty and precious antique pieces to tempt !!

Open only a matter of weeks, owners Ian Hadlow and Christopher Becker have a passion for the intrinsically beautiful and the handmade.

Their vision …. to educate the next generation about true craftsmanship.

Their carefully chosen location …. in a street renowned for unique, glamorous and quirky fashion …. ‘fashion is art’ I am told.


With many years experience in antiques, visual merchandising and fashion between them, this, I have no doubt will be the showcase for all things beautiful !!!


As I stood on the street admiring the most beautiful pink necklace in the window, I found myself surrounded by a team from Vogue …. nothing less than a fashion shoot with a girl in a black velvet Celine cocktail frock …. elegantly draped in the doorway.

three rooms is both stylish …. and elegant and is already on the map !!!

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