10 Tips for Redecorating Recession Style

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large
rambling country house there are lots of ways of creating a new look
without spending a huge amount of money.  You can recreate spaces so
that they become far more warm and inviting.  It’s all a matter of
restyling your own beautiful or even not so beautiful possessions, books
anhouse_gardend nic nacs to create the new look and feel.

1.   Group furniture, colours and textures to maximise the appeal of the pieces and add interest and impact.

2.   Lamp light, fresh flowers in shades that compliment the furnishings and

3    Clever grouping of books and decorative items can turn a house into a home.

4    Look at your existing pieces with fresh eyes to
eliminate the pieces that you are just hoarding or have inherited and
don’t have the heart to dispose of.

5    A room can look very cluttered with a myriad of
small pieces of furniture. Choose your favourite of key pieces and note
what pieces you need to find for the room to function or work.  Often
the right piece will bring the room together or be the focal point if
there isn’t already one. Often a lesser piece can find a home in another
less important room if it really must stay.  Generally less is more
still applies and will create a more elegant feel and showcase the main
pieces you have.

6.  Placement of furniture can depend on how you live
your life.  If a sitting room needs to be the quiet haven where adults
retreat from teenage children then make sure you have lovely big
armchairs with a reading lamp or a small desk where you can bring some
work to do.  A  sunny corner or one with a  view  of a sitting or family
room can also be an inviting spot for a pair of comfortable armchairs.

7. A variety of seating options is important for different age groups and body shapes.

8. There is usually a focal point in a room which will
provide something to group furniture around.  A fire place is an
obvious one or even an entertainment unit/TV or even French doors to a
garden can offer the same solution.  The grouping of furniture should
allow for easy conversation with the practicalities of side tables or
coffee table s for drinks, books etc.

9.   Generally furniture of ample proportion  will
give a grander feel to a room as long as it doesn’t crowd the room too
much.  It is important to have pieces that add height to a room such as a
higher sideboard/console or armoire/bookcase, otherwise you end up with
everything down at the same low level.

10.   The scale of pieces can make or break a room.  A
sofa with a higher back can be enough to break up the space. In the
dining room or space designated for dining you should buy the largest
table that will sit comfortably in the space.  A small dining table in a
big space will never look right.  If a large dining table is not ever a
requirement then create a small area to eat as part of another space.
For example a small dining table can be perfect at one end of the
sitting room or  in a bay window.


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